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             Welcome to my web site.

Please feel free to snoop around, kick the tires, and take my web site for a test drive—it needs the exercise. As the name implies, my short stories are short. They portray an eclectic range of topics from humor to sadness, from the reality of war to my award-winning perception of an Alzheimer's patient. The Dept. of Homeland Security has even deemed one of my short stories (Foreign Policy) worthy of investigation. It is an honor I do not take lightly. Hopefully, they found the story entertaining. Perhaps one of my shorts stories will pique your interest.

I am not a poet. The poem I Have Been to the Wall is my one-and-only poetic adventure. It will never win awards, nor will it find its way into a poetry book. It was written for my pleasure and not for an external audience. Many veterans, however, have found it moving and worth the read. As of this writing, the poem has been viewed by individuals from forty-five countries.

I have six novels available for purchase. They are written in a variety of genres and includes two novels for middle grade readers. Please click on the novel tab for descriptions of the novel and their price. Some novels are also available for Kindle e-readers.

In 1999 I was diagnosed with vocal cord cancer. This was a stressful period in my life when it was unclear if I would ever talk again, let alone survive. With no voice and nothing better to do, I began e-mailing friends with humorous descriptions of my medical plight. Today, it would be called a blog. The medical updates were well received with many individuals demanding they be added to my e-mail list. When I finished my treatment, I had over sixty people on the list and more were asking for reprints. At their request, I attached the letters to a web site and dismissed them. Years later, I added a counter to the site, which logged the number of hits as well as the location of the searcher (city and state). I had assumed only people I referred to the site were visiting. To my surprise, I discovered I had visitors from forty countries and still counting. Cancer knows no borders. The letters are long and of little interest except to cancer patients and their families.

Lastly, for the benefit of other writer want-a-be's, I have listed some writing rules I have accumulated over the years. Some may be controversial, but they have served me well. Enjoy.


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